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A company specializing in the construction of special structural works, Giuseppe Barletta's Trivel Sud guarantees optimal management of the various processing phases in full compliance with contractual times thanks to the technical professional skills acquired in about 40 years of experience gained both in Italy all abroad and the adoption of a communication management model aimed at pursuing the objectives.

Our company policy purpose at customer satisfaction, through the adoption of a management strategy that has, as its fulcrum a high professional level achieved training and constant updating of human resources the use of technologically advanced machinery, in full compliance safety and quality standards, with particular attention to compliance with health and safety in the workplace and the environment. 


Our organization has a vast fleet of innovation machines and equipment to be able to meet the different operational needs of the client, proposing solutions and operating techniques that are more appropiate even with respect to any critical issues and the type of geology that characterize the works to be carried out, guaranteeing high standards of productivity, efficiency and safety.

+ Driving machines for carge and small poles

    - N.2 SOILMEC SR75
    - N.2 SOILMEC SR30
    - N.1 BAUER BG24H
    - N.1 MAIT HR120
    - N.1 SOILMEC R210
    - N.1 CMV TH14-35
    - N.1 CASAGRANDE B170
    - N.1 SOILMEC SM14
    - N.1 TES-CAR CF3
    - N.1 TES-CAR CF2.5

+ Crane

    -  N.1 LIEBHERR HS833HD
    -  N.2 IHI CCH250
    -  N.1 IHI CCH300
    -  N.1 LINK BELT LS180
    -  N.1 LINK BELT LS78-LC
    -  N.1 HYCO RT121


    -  N.1 CATERPILLAR 323 LN
    -  N.1 HITACHI EX235
    -  N.2 HITACHI EX215
    -  N.2 HITACHI FH200
    -  N.1 CATERPILLAR 303.5 CCR

+ Wheel loaders

    -  N.1 HITACHI W190
    -  N.1 KOBELCO NH/C W190EV

+ Road tractors

    -  N.1 SCANIA R620
    -  N.1 SCANIA R500

+ 5 Sanders
+ 3 Mixers
+ 1 Concrete pump
+ 15 Booster pump
+ 7 Generators/lighting tower
+ 4 Motor compressor
+ 19 Vans/cars